We at Viking Vietnam Ltd. Are proud to present our 450 people-factory to all partners and potential customers. Here you can read about the production area:

We make FOB which means we can take care of everything from fabric, materials, cutting, sewing, welding, taping, packing and shipping. In this case we only need specifications from our customers and then we are basically good to go.

Sewing room is where we hold our biggest asset: our wonderful operators, with support from these people, we can provide our customers with high quality wear. It’s important to us that our team has the right skills to make the garments we manufacture; this means we use our training line in case we need any new skill for one or more operators. New staff goes to the training line as well, to learn our quality standards and to determine what kind of machine and operations are most suitable.

In the daily work we put our garments together by making components, which we attach to make linings, then we put them together and put it to the final examination. The garments we make can easily take more than 300 minutes pr. piece.

Final examinaters are the last section we put garments through before it leaves the line. Our final examinations are trained to identify any problems or mistakes with garments and either reject or pass garments, our quality goals are a maximum of 3% rework and 0% seconds.

We are one of the few garment manufactures in Asia which are licensed to produce Gore-Tex garments in all three following categories: Leisure, military and work- wear. Our factory also uses hi-frequency welding machines, one line specializes in making PVC and PU for customers who require these products

Our main area of manufacturing can be found below:

  • Protective garments
  • Breathable clothing
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Anything in rain- and workwear

Basically we manufacture any garments that are made for lasting, and that are needed in high quality. For some of the above categories, examples could be, garments for, oil-, fishing-, mining-, production-industries. We make garments for military, police, hunting and many other categories.