Viking branded products

The following garments are part of our stock supported range for more information please visit our Danish website -

714012-715-X6_01_178x178 131000-120-R6H3_01_178x178 112097-136-R6_01_178x178 111084-120-H4Z9_01_178x178
111029-120-H2Z9_01_178x178 714014-R4_01_178x178 422054-480-H2Z9_01_178x178 412006-478-J7_01_178x178
223011-209-H3Z9_01_178x178 411049-442-L6Z9_01_178x178 213019-202-H3_01_178x178 422032-467-Z9_01_178x178

We can proudly present the kind of garments we make here at Viking Vietnam Ltd. If you have any request for similar garments or other kinds of high quality we are most happy to receive your E-mail at

We do FOB production which means we can handle your order from ordering fabric and materials, to cutting, sewing, packing and shipping.